Are reviews always posted - even the bad ones?

Yes, 99.99% of all of reviews posted appear on our web site.

There are some rare occasions when we cannot put a review up in full (i.e., where a line is removed) or at all - irrespective of the rating. There are a few reasons why, as follows:

  • If we believe the review is a planted sales pitch from a restaurant, it may be held back until we can establish its authenticity
  • If the review contains content which is for commercial purposes, i.e. which promotes and/or generates revenue for another business
  • If the review infringes any proprietary or other rights of third parties
  • If the review contains any libellous, tortious, or otherwise unlawful information it will be removed
  • If the review identifies or describes staff or uses their name
  • If the review names another restaurant, e.g. "our place, Mr. Mans Restaurant, down the road is much better"
  • If the review is about a dining experience which took place more than 3 months ago
  • If the review exceeds 2000 characters which is our limit.
  • If the review is not about a dining experience (we do get a few!)

Amendment to Policy, October 2008:

Up until mid-October 2008, we did have a system in place where on rare occasions a restaurant might try to make it up to a customer who had a bad dining experience. In those instances, the review, which had been put live on the web site, may have been put on hold (removed) until after the restaurant had put the situation right with the user - we believed this was a fair system for both user and restaurateur. If the outcome of this was still negative, the original review was reposted, or if the outcome was positive and the user wished to update their review, this was also posted. However, following recent user feedback, this option no longer exists and bad reviews will simply stay intact, even if a restaurant is trying to rectify a situation with a user. We are sorry if this amendment to policy disappoints you and we hope it will not hinder your ability to continue to enjoy the web site.